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•! Rent collection performance improved to 99.8%, achieving for the first time since transfer a top
     quartile result on rental collection.

•! High quality efficient delivery of the repairs service maintained with upper quartile performance
     against cost, performance, and customer satisfaction benchmarking.

! £2.1m of additional income secured for tenants working with our financial advice service. A
    total of £90k affordable loans awarded in a unique partnership project with South Manchester
    Credit Union and 86 people directly supported to gain employment.

! Successful delivery of the Complex Dependencies pilot scheme in partnership with Manchester
    City Council, which resulted in a model rolled out to other Housing providers across the city.

! The delivery of 30 new build homes and 7 acquired properties for affordable rent as part of our
    development and acquisition programme.

! Launch of market rent and commercial repairs service pilot schemes which will be evaluated
    before wider roll out in 2016/17.

! Successful partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), appointed to deliver
    the Lottery Funded Ambition for Ageing project across Manchester, allowing Southway to lead
    the roll out of the Age Friendly Neighbourhoods approach first developed in Old Moat.

! Delivery of the Green Spaces Strategy including 2,000 people actively involved in a range of
    projects, and growing partnerships with organisation’s such as the RHS and RSPB to deliver
    improved use of green spaces across the area.

  By 2020 we will know that we have been successful because:

! We will have increased the proportion of our tenants who tell us that they are satisfied with our
    services and with their neighbourhoods

! We will have increased the proportion of working age people living in Southway homes who are
    in employment or are regularly volunteering in our communities

! A higher proportion of our older tenants and local residents will tell us that our services and
    neighbourhoods are age friendly

! We will have delivered new homes and will have firm plans in place to achieve our target of
    1,000 homes over the 10 year period up to 2026

! We will have generated surpluses which will have been used to deliver greater levels of
    community outputs.

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