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Corporate Strategy

  Southway Housing Trust is a community based social landlord working in and around the
  areas of South Manchester. The Trust was established in 2007 to take over the ownership,
  management and improvement of almost 6,000 council owned homes. The Trust is ambitious
  for the people and communities it works with. Our aim is to work in partnership with local
  groups, Manchester City Council (MCC) and other stakeholders to improve the quality of life of
  our tenants and other residents and to make South Manchester a great place to live.

  Following the successful delivery of our first corporate strategy, Southway adopted a new
  Corporate Strategy in March 2015, the Futures Strategy 2015 to 2020. This sets the direction
  of the Trust for the next 5 years and beyond. The primary purpose of the Trust is to provide
  high quality affordable homes in desirable neighbourhoods.

  We also recognise our role as a neighbourhood management organisation with a community
  focus that wants the people living in our homes and neighbourhoods to have the opportunity to
  achieve their potential. We have a valuable asset base and the skills and capacity to really
  make a difference: we will make best use of our resources to achieve our social and
  community objectives. Our values define how we will achieve our objectives by being:
  accountable, collaborative, inclusive, committed and ambitious.

  The Board is pleased to report a surplus for the year of £6.6m (2015: £6.1m). This surplus
  adds strength to our financial plan and our ability to deliver our strategic objectives.

  Much of what we achieved in 2015/16 was about changing the Trust so that we can make a
  bigger impact, delivering more new homes across all tenures, delivering new business streams
  that strengthen the financial plan and improving our governance and staffing arrangements to
  support the efficient and effective delivery of our priorities.

  During 2015/16, in line with year 1 of the Futures Strategy, a number of important parts of the
  business were restructured. These included:

• A review of our executive management structure, enhancing skills and focusing roles on the
     thematic priorities of the organisation.

• A new corporate structure that provides the opportunity to develop commercial activities
     alongside the delivery of larger new build programme.

• A new Governance structure with a smaller, strategic, skills based Board and a Committee
     structure which brings in additional members with specific skills and experience that strengthen
     risk management and the focus on our landlord service.

• A new loan funding arrangement put in place with our main lender which will support delivery of
     a larger new build and acquisition programme over the next 4 to 5 years.

• A fundamental review of the landlord service completed, ready for ‘go live’ in April 2016, of a
     new cost effective structure with more customer contacts resolved at first point, greater use of
     digital routes for transactional services, and more flexibility to meet customer needs.

  Alongside these changes at a corporate level the Trust maintained a focus on delivery of
  services to our customers and the neighbourhoods we manage, with highlights and outcomes
  during the year including:

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